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Just HOW Dirty are you????


Saturday, June 16th

Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Where: Stinker Station on Glenwood & Chinden (across from the Expo Center in Garden City)

Help support The Treasure Valley Rollergirl’s travel to Salt Lake City to take on the Salt City Shakers! We need help with our expenses – so we can travel down to Utah next weekend to kick some serious booty!  Here is a YouTube clip of our last inter-league bout from May 26ths with Bend's Lava City Rollerdolls!

How Much: A $5 donation is suggested for our hard-washing services

Also, this would be a great Father’s Day gift – who doesn’t want a clean car????

 If you can't make the car wash but would still like to donate to our travel team, you can donate through PayPal - just "send money" to tvrgirls@gmail.com and put "for travel team SLC bout" in the notes section of the transaction.

...annnnnd if you're going to be in the Salt Lake area next weekend (or don't mind a quick jaunt there), come to the bout!

Buy Tickets Here!

If you were one of the unlucky people who weren't able to make it to TVR's last bout of our expo season on April 28th, you're in luck! You can still see it (if you're in Idaho)!

Thanks to our local public TV, our bouts will be airing on local Channel 11! You may have already caught the first few airings of our Spring Fling-Her, but if not, you can catch it again on Saturday, May 26th at 11:30am. Not all of the bout will air, but it is most of it - and there are some great moments you don't want to miss! Watch the Devil's Darlings vs. Cell Block B and B-Town Battallion vs. the Derailers

Here is the intro clip of the bout on YouTube.

Final season standings were:
  • 1st Pace: Derailers with 3 wins/0 losses
  • 2nd Place: Devil's Darlings with 2 wins/1 loss  <-- My team! Yay!
  • 3rd Place: B-Town Batallion with 1 win/2 losses
  • 4th Place: Cell Block B with 0 wins/3 losses
Director "That Guy" will be traveling to Bend with our travel team this weekend taping TVR's FIRST inter-league bout against the Lava City Roller Dolls, which will air in the future on the same channel - more info later. If you happen to have some free time on Saturday and are looking for a good time, you should head over to Bend, Oregon and catch the bout! It starts at 6PM (doors open at 5pm) and it's at the Central Oregon Indoor Sports Center.  Next month, on June 23rd, our travel team will be heading to Salt Lake City to take on the Salt City Shakers - they think they're gonna Bury the Treasure, but they should think again!  :)  Here is the first ever TVR Travel Team:
Treasure Valley Rollergirls Travel Team
Back Row: SLAManda (Der), Ssmokin' Joe (Der), Dukes (Der), Ruthless Raven (Der), Devil's Dimes (Der), Koffin Kitty (CBB), Skid'n Nancy (CBB)
Middle Row: Mia Wallups (DD), Scarlet Danger (DD), Cybill Dizorder (BTB), Bar Scar Sally (BTB), Brawly Ringwald (BTB), La Furia! (CBB), Jilldozer (DD)
Front Row: Natas Sin (ref)
Not Pictured: DolLfAce KiLr (Der), Beelzeboss (ref), Popeye (ref), Toby (ref), Seymour Evil (ref), VeRMiN SKuM (ref)

Stay tuned at TreasureValleyRollergirls.net - you can join our forum and talk to the skaters on the league. We'll also have our 2007-2008 season schedule posted very soon!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To everyone who came to our very first public bout last week! We sold out and it was a huge success. We have worked VERY hard to make this happen over the last year and you all helped made it worth every second! The Devil's Darlings all thank our fans for being the loudest and biggest cheering section in the house! You helped us with that extra edge to get our win against the VERY tough B-Town Batallion! Here are the final scores:

Bout 1
Devil's Darlings - 73
B-Town Batallion - 67
High Scorer in Bout - Darlings' Jilldozer (39)
Highest Scoring Single Jam - Darlings' Back Aly Bludgeoner (9)
Most Penalties - Darlings' Scarlet Danger (13)

Bout 2
Cell Block B - 43
Derailers - 90
High Scorer in Bout - Cell Block's Skid'n Nancy (27)
Highest Scoring Single Jam - Derailers' Ssmokin' Joe & SLAManda (tie - 9)
Most Penalties - Cell Block's Lane of Pain (14)

For those of you that attended, please look into getting your tickets now before they sell out - we want to keep you as loyal fans! Tickets are available via the link below or by visiting The Record Exchange, located at 11th and Idaho, downtown.

For those of you that couldn't make it, here is a clip of the news segment channel 7 did on TVR - it also aired on NW Cable News! Yay!

Thanks to Brew Ha Ha! from Salt City and to Joyride, Lethal Whoopin', Speedo Bandito and Knicker Blocker from Lava City for making the trek on over to check us out!

Who: Treasure Valley Rollergirls (See the B-Town Batallion vs. the Derailers & Cell Block B vs. Devil's Darlings)

What: Sping Fling-Her! - TVR’s second expo season bout

Where: Expo Idaho

How Much: $10 in advance, $12 at the door

When: April 28th, doors open at 6pm, bout starts at 7pm

Buy tickets for Treasure Valley Rollergirls: Spring Fling-Her!

Would your business like a chance for more advertising?
The Treasure Valley Rollergirls are offering local businesses a chance to sell your goods at our bouts!

We have a very eclectic demographic; children to grandparents, punk rock to peace loving hipsters, working for the man to the man himself!

We are currently planning our next bout, set for April 28th at Expo Idaho. We expect another, SOLD OUT show to a crowd of over 1300!

The TVRGirls are offering other local businesses a spot for a table at our bouts - you can sell or promote your goods & services for a very reasonable price of only $100!

So get in while you can - deadline to reserve your table for our next bout is: Friday, April 6th.

Please contact us by messaging our TVR league on MySpace or emailing us at: tvrgirls@gmail.com.

Also, this is from Koffin Kitty (of Cell Block B) - She pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter:
to the fans of the treasure valley rollergirls....

thanx for bein there, we've practiced & trained for a year now. going through soo much, physically, emotionally & any other obstacle we had to encounter on the way.

ever since i joined people asked, do you get paid? nope.
does it hurt? yes. so why do you do it?

up until last night it was because of the sport, which that is a huge part of it, your all derby or nothing.

but last night filled in the last piece of the puzzle. this huge dust cloud covered, bruised, chaotic puzzle on wheels....

& it was all of you, the true fans of the treasure valley rollergirls!!
those fans who waited in lines to get the chance to sit on metal bleachers & watch us tear each other apart, cheering & screaming all the while!!

& i can say with out a doubt, that every single girl on the league looks forward to every pain filled, gruelling practice, just so we can do it all over again for years to come, for you...

again thanx,

koffinkitty #666
cell block b
treasure valley rollergirls

Hey Miss Maalox....

Nervousness is back for the bout next Wednesday (dammit). In fact, I've been consuming large quantities of Maalox - which I'd rather not do.

Anyhow, we have got a lot of publicity recently. In addition to the KIVITV.com spot (if you didn't see it, the title of the video spot is "Rolling with the Punches"), we made the front page of this week's Thrive article and were on Fox TV (although I didn't see that personally).

Over the next week, you should hear us on the Eagle, J105 and possibly other stations. I know there will be some ticket giveaways, so you might want to keep an ear open!

Here are the recent online links to TVR stuff that should get you all hyped for the bout next Wednesday!:

I believe we're going to have something in the Boise Weekly next week as well.

I would like to mention that the pictures aren't all that flattering to many of us (although there are some REALLY cool shots). Almost everyone looks TONS better than they do in these photos - It's rather difficult to rock out a hot look when you're wearing a mouthguard. Haha! If any of you other rollergirls have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

In case you haven't got your tickets for next Wednesday, you can find some online here at Brown Paper Tickets or downtown at the Record Exchange.

As of the 20th, you can get tickets for our bout on April 28th (B-Town Batallion vs. Derailers and Cell Block B vs. Devil's Darlings).

1st bout, bout, tvr, derby, publicity

Last Tuesday night was TVR's 1st official bout - we had a private bout for friends/family to get the feel of how to run the show as well as make sure the girls felt comfortable in front of people. For days before the bout, I was nervous with anticipation to the point of insomnia, which isn't something that usually happens to me! We only had the rink for a total of three hours, so we had to consolidate the event quite a bit (ie. No Halftime). Short and sweet - we started with the pledge, team/ref introductions, a brief explanation of the rules and then the first whistle blew!

My team, the Devil's Darlings, was first to bout - up against the dirty Derailers! As soon as the whistle blew, all of my nerves went away and it was down to business! I jammed in the second jam, but it wasn't one of my finest moments - I didn't manage to score any points. I got knocked down (which doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to!) by Ruthless Raven, right on my existing left ass bruise. Certain types of falls really take a lot out of me - that one was no exception. It wiped me out and I ended up skating better in the 2nd period after the adrenaline from the fall wore off. The rest of the game I was mainly a pivot, and did a few jams blocking. I love my team, but some of the gals are still a little more inexperienced at bouting (not like I'm some serious bouting expert, but a lot of our girls have been bouting since last July, I believe), so I sometimes feel like I have to leave my position as pivot to help assist. I am confident that we'll improve as a team over time, but it takes just that - TIME! One of our best players (league and team) Jilldozer had a pretty bad fall, but it resulted in an awesome clip that SLAManda posted up on YouTube. When 'Dozer fell, SLAM jumped over her (it's around the 55 second mark). SLAM also posted up this link of another jam during our bout. This one I got called out for my 4th penalty and I do a nice slide out on my stomach. /sarcasm

Darlings ended up losing to the Derailers that night, but it wasn't too bad, we lost by 16 or 19 (65 to 84 or 61 to 77) so we felt pretty good about that. There is some question about the scoring and we're still trying to work that particular factor out so it's not a problem. As you can tell by that spread, the two scorekeepers didn't really match, so we're not sure what is accurate! I'm really proud of the Fresh Meat and the refs for the fantastic job they do in judging such a crazy and fast sport! I especially love having my brother (komba/Beelzeboss) on the league - even if he calls fouls on me! Hahaha!

B-Town Batallion took on the ladies of Cell Block B. They had a good match, but B-Town won with their brutal blocking! I have to say that one of my favorite skaters to watch on our league is B-Town's Bar Scar Sally - she looks like a beautiful shark swimming and going in for the kill - only on skates. She's so graceful and smooth! Darlings bout against B-Town on the 21st, and we're all ready for that public debut bout.

The TV spot that was filmed about us aired - it's online now at KIVITV.com - in the videos section, it's the one titled Rolling with the Punches. Channel 6 ended up giving us 4.5 minutes - channel 2 only gave us a minute and a half! So that was AWESOME! Also at the bout Tuesday, a reporter and photographer from Thrive magazine came out to get pictures and information for a story they're doing about us for next week. I guess they interviewed each of the team captains and are doing a little piece on each of the teams. That will be cool to see! The photographer was sitting by the Darlings at one point and I asked him what he thought - he said that he was impressed with how much better we've gotten since his article on us in August! That was cool to hear! I had quite a few spectators in the audience - my parents, Bucky & LaJolla (my dad's parents), Cain, frootijen, my neice, bjemama and jenns2boys all came. I totally appreciate all of their support! I guess B and Jenn were plotting with Back Aly Bludgeoner's parents to work out the logistics so that the Devil's Darlings had the best cheering section - which would be AWESOME!

I am so thrilled with my skating of late. I'm not being smug or braggy here, but there really was a time (a LONG period of time - like six months or so!) when I didn't even think that I would ever be able to get to the point to be able to be competent enough to do an actual bout, but I hung in there and worked my ass off. Now I feel as if I'm a pretty darn decent player, which only got better when I got my new 265s in December (seriously, I can't believe how much of a difference the 265s make in my skating compared to my first pair - the Rock Speed Freaks). Another thing I was surprised about was that I wasn't nearly as tired as I expected to be after the bout ended! In fact, I was pretty energized and honestly felt HIGH through the next day even!

I felt like the crowd responded very well - the firefighters from across the street even came over to check us out! My dad, who isn't the first person to make compliments about things, said that he thought that this would really be big in the valley and that he thought our team themes will be popular. It was nice to hear that from him! My grandparents also were thrilled with the exhibition bout - but then again they met in a Roller Rink! :) Smashley (my niece) kept telling me that I was scaring her! I couldn't decide what to do with my make-up, so I just made 2 black eyes and outlined them in red liner - plus dark red lipstick....and my sparkly red devil horns! The Darlings still weren't all in our official costumes (for the expo season). We have our tops - red wife-beaters with our logo on them. About half of the girls ordered red/black cheerleading skirts, but I didn't want to do that, so Stiletto Syko's mom is getting some of us black skorts from RinkRashSkateWear and she's gonna bling them up for us. Until those come in, we wore some pretty awesome vinyl skirts that Scarlet Danger made for us the night before!

I still feel a huge rush and I'm super excited for the 21st! After Tuesday night I know it will be an awesome show! I'm also excited that a group from Lava City will be over, as well as at least one Salt City skater!

Check it out!

There is a lot of derby going on this week! I don't know if any of you have heard any ads today or not, but we're all over the radio stations!

First of all, the Treasure Valley Rollergirls are going to be on the Channel 6 evening (10pm) news tonight! Their reporter spent 2 entire practices filming us and one she even laced up and skated with us! The spot is supposed to rerun during the Thursday early am news and will be up on the KIVITV.com website at some point!

Then on Thursday, we are having a fun event at the Record Exchange! Head on down there from 6-7 and you could win tickets to the bout or other great prizes! Plus you will get to meet girls from each of our four teams!

FINALLY! If you haven't yet got your tickets to our first bout on March 21st, you should definitely get on that! We have a REALLY COOL halftime show - Firedancers! - in addition to the debut bout for all four of our local Boise teams!

Bout PosterCollapse )


Here is the poster for our first bout - FINALLY!! Read more...Collapse )

Aaannnnnnd, here is a cartoon that one of our Fresh Meat Gals drew of me! Read more...Collapse )

Get Out the Bell-Bottoms and Polyester!

CELEBRATE (good times!) with the Treasure Valley Rollergirls! We're in our final fundraising push before our debut bout on March 1st! Please join us for a night of Disco dancing fun - there will be great costumes, dancing & prices! Also we will be celebrating our league's 1 Year Anniversary!

When: Saturday, February 3rd @ 9PM
Where: The Bouquet Downtown Boise
Cover: $5

Also - Don't forget! Our bout tickets are for sale online now:

Buy tickets for Treasure Valley Rollergirls: It's a Bout Time!

March 21st 7PM @ Expo Idaho - $10 in advance, $12 at the door. You can also get tickets at the Record Exchange downtown. We will also have tickets at Newt & Harrolds and Donnie Mac's, but I don't think they're quite there yet.....

B-Town Batallion vs. Devil's Darlings

Cell Block B vs. The Derailers

Hope to see you there!
Who: Treasure Valley Rollergirls (See the B-Town Batallion, Cell Block B, Derailers & Devil's Darlings)
What: It's a Bout Time! - TVR debut bout, expo season
Where: Expo Idaho
How Much: $10 in advance, $12 at the door
When: March 21, doors open at 6pm, bout starts at 7pm

Buy tickets for Treasure Valley Rollergirls: It's a Bout Time!
The TVR girls are having another fundraiser/charity event this coming Monday, January 8th. We are having a Bingo game night at the Neurolux downtown. We are still trying to raise money to finish covering our bout expenses for the spring!

Date: 01/08/2007
Time: 9 PM
Where: Neurolux (downtown right next to the Record Exchange)
Cost: $5 cover also gets you five bingo cards, $1 for any more you'd like. There will be some fun prizes (including TVR merch!) - hope to see you there!
Bonus: We'll also be introducing our four recently formed teams! Devil's Darlings! Cell Block B! The Derailers! B-Town Batallion!

Our website is also in the process of being created. It's still VERY basic, but you can find more information out about our league, view our current calendar of events and see pictures of our teams. We will also have merchandise available soon at Café Press and tickets for the March 21st bout will be on sale later on this month! treasurevalleyrollergirls.net