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Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To everyone who came to our very first public bout last week! We sold out and it was a huge success. We have worked VERY hard to make this happen over the last year and you all helped made it worth every second! The Devil's Darlings all thank our fans for being the loudest and biggest cheering section in the house! You helped us with that extra edge to get our win against the VERY tough B-Town Batallion! Here are the final scores:

Bout 1
Devil's Darlings - 73
B-Town Batallion - 67
High Scorer in Bout - Darlings' Jilldozer (39)
Highest Scoring Single Jam - Darlings' Back Aly Bludgeoner (9)
Most Penalties - Darlings' Scarlet Danger (13)

Bout 2
Cell Block B - 43
Derailers - 90
High Scorer in Bout - Cell Block's Skid'n Nancy (27)
Highest Scoring Single Jam - Derailers' Ssmokin' Joe & SLAManda (tie - 9)
Most Penalties - Cell Block's Lane of Pain (14)

For those of you that attended, please look into getting your tickets now before they sell out - we want to keep you as loyal fans! Tickets are available via the link below or by visiting The Record Exchange, located at 11th and Idaho, downtown.

For those of you that couldn't make it, here is a clip of the news segment channel 7 did on TVR - it also aired on NW Cable News! Yay!

Thanks to Brew Ha Ha! from Salt City and to Joyride, Lethal Whoopin', Speedo Bandito and Knicker Blocker from Lava City for making the trek on over to check us out!

Who: Treasure Valley Rollergirls (See the B-Town Batallion vs. the Derailers & Cell Block B vs. Devil's Darlings)

What: Sping Fling-Her! - TVR’s second expo season bout

Where: Expo Idaho

How Much: $10 in advance, $12 at the door

When: April 28th, doors open at 6pm, bout starts at 7pm

Buy tickets for Treasure Valley Rollergirls: Spring Fling-Her!

Would your business like a chance for more advertising?
The Treasure Valley Rollergirls are offering local businesses a chance to sell your goods at our bouts!

We have a very eclectic demographic; children to grandparents, punk rock to peace loving hipsters, working for the man to the man himself!

We are currently planning our next bout, set for April 28th at Expo Idaho. We expect another, SOLD OUT show to a crowd of over 1300!

The TVRGirls are offering other local businesses a spot for a table at our bouts - you can sell or promote your goods & services for a very reasonable price of only $100!

So get in while you can - deadline to reserve your table for our next bout is: Friday, April 6th.

Please contact us by messaging our TVR league on MySpace or emailing us at: tvrgirls@gmail.com.

Also, this is from Koffin Kitty (of Cell Block B) - She pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter:
to the fans of the treasure valley rollergirls....

thanx for bein there, we've practiced & trained for a year now. going through soo much, physically, emotionally & any other obstacle we had to encounter on the way.

ever since i joined people asked, do you get paid? nope.
does it hurt? yes. so why do you do it?

up until last night it was because of the sport, which that is a huge part of it, your all derby or nothing.

but last night filled in the last piece of the puzzle. this huge dust cloud covered, bruised, chaotic puzzle on wheels....

& it was all of you, the true fans of the treasure valley rollergirls!!
those fans who waited in lines to get the chance to sit on metal bleachers & watch us tear each other apart, cheering & screaming all the while!!

& i can say with out a doubt, that every single girl on the league looks forward to every pain filled, gruelling practice, just so we can do it all over again for years to come, for you...

again thanx,

koffinkitty #666
cell block b
treasure valley rollergirls